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October 31, 2018

180g vinyl edition

Calender was a mid 70s New Jersey funk band, best known for their proto-disco hit ‘Hypertension’ which came out in 1975. Calender was the brainchild of songwriter, producer and arranger Paul Kyser.

Along with Leon Stuckey Paul co-wrote “Just How Sweet Is Your Love” for Disco super group RHYZE and had set up the New Jersey-based PI KAPPA label which released several singles by 70s hit-bands such as Jimmy Briscoe & Calender. Kyser has since then worked with Stevie Wonder, The Three Degrees and The Chi-Lites among many others.

Calender released one album (It’s A Monster – 1976) which also includes the funk hit ‘Hypertension’ that perfectly represents the era when funk was on a a speeding train to Disco City.

‘It’s A Monster’ is a great slice of sophisticated, string laden funk. There’s more than enough real musicianship in the grooves, but enough grooves in the playing to get people out on the dance floor. The production and arrangement by Kyser is perfect; smooth but never slick. There are bits of synthesizer that add to the music, but they never overpower the sound.

Engineering & mastering duties on the album were handled by veterans ‘Godfrey Diamond’ (Lou Reed, Lonnie Liston Smith) & José Rodriguez (Grace Jones, The Jimmy Castor Bunch, Betty Davis).

Coveted by fans and collectors alike, Calender’s first (and only) album was originally released in 1976 on Pi Kappa Records & if you’re into mid 70s funk then this amazing album will be on constant rotation on your turntable. Now finally back available as a limited deluxe vinyl edition featuring the original 1976 album art.

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