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Tidal Waves Music

Welcome to Tidal Waves Music.


We are an internationally based record label that focuses on releasing (forgotten) classics of all ages and provenance. You can call us genre-transcending if you want, we don’t stick to a particular style because we believe music can’t be categorized.


There are gems to be found everywhere, our mission is to bring them back to life & spinning on your turntable.


Tidal Waves Music is run and curated by industry veterans & passionate music lovers with an eclectic taste, deeply inspired to properly license, re-package and re-release timeless recordings into the world today.


Officially licensed straight from artists or their labels, we pride ourselves on quality restoration from the best sources available and gorgeous packaging.


TWM is distributed by the Grammy nominated ‘Light In The Attic’ label, our releases can be found in record stores & with online retailers across the globe.

We hope you are excited by our releases … we certainly are!

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