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April 22 - 2017 (Record Store Day - Belgium Exclusive)

Vinyl (7"EP)

Red Zebra is a Belgian post-punk group from Bruges who started at the end of the 1970s with all four band-members being barely 16 years of age, mere years later they were already in the finals of the famous ‘Humo’s Rock Rally’.


In 1980 they had their biggest hit with ‘I Can't Live In A Living Room’, which is still a total cold-wave punk classic even to this day. The song regularly appears on compilations all across the globe & recently it was even included on volume 2 of the ‘Killed By Deathrock’ series by the renowned US label ‘Sacred Bones’.


‘I Can't Live In A Living Room’ is still so relevant that from time to time it re-enters the ‘Back Catalogue Singles’ & ‘Classics’ charts. Voted ‘the fourth best Belgian song of all time’ it comes as no surprise that it was covered multiple times and was included in many national and international films to serve as a soundtrack (look for it in Asia Argento’s cult classic ‘Incompresa’).


After releasing multiple full length albums and playing shows with acts like ‘The Sisters Of Mercy’, ‘Simple Minds’ & ‘Killing Joke’ the band broke up in 1986. Red Zebra band members went on to join Belgian acts such as ‘The Wolf Banes’ & ‘The Lama’s’. Red Zebra still occasionally reunites to play shows and record new material.


Originally released on Zebra Records in 1980, this was the band’s first release & has become quite the rare collectable that is fetching hundreds on the second hand market. Now finally back available as a limited 7” EP on 500 copies, released exclusively for Record Store Day Belgium 2017.