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April 22, 2017 (Record Store Day - Worldwide Exclusive)

Vinyl (Double LP)

NICO needs little introduction … she was a singer-songwriter, composer, model (for ‘Vogue’, ‘Elle’ & ‘Coco Channel’), actress (she starred in Federico Fellini's masterpiece ‘La Dolce Vita’) and Andy Warhol superstar in the 1960s. Collaborations were numerous and the most famous ones include those with BRIAN JONES, VELVET UNDERGROUND, SERGE GAINSBOURG, BRIAN ENO, BOB DYLAN and MARC ALMOND.


The experimental and dismal sound of her albums is considered the forerunner of the later ‘gothic’ sound. Nico was admired, cited as a major influence and paid tribute to by many musicians such as Siouxsie & the Banshees, Bauhaus, Patti Smith, Morrissey, Björk, Leonard Cohen, Henry Rollins and Marianne Faithfull.


This album documents Nico’s last ever performance held on June 6, 1988 in West Berlin as part of the European Capital of Culture festival that year. Except for the album's closing song (which was previously released on The End...), Nico and her backing band ‘The Faction’ composed all the pieces specifically for the show. As the title of the album indicates, the concert was Nico's last, and the material on the album is among the last she (co-)wrote. Six weeks later, on July 18, she died while on vacation in Ibiza.


This is a stunning album. The last stand of an exceptional artist, shortly before her untimely tragic death, who lived an exceptional life overshadowed by a 15 year struggle with heroin addiction.


Originally released on CD in 1994, this is the first time this album gets a vinyl release outside of Europe. Now available as a gorgeously packaged deluxe DOUBLE vinyl edition, exclusively for Record Store Day 2017. Strictly limited to 2000 copies worldwide, this release also comes with an insert featuring extensive liner notes & background information.